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Deliver any content, anywhere in the world, at the speed of business

While organizations may continue to choose printed materials to meet certain needs, the growing possibilities that come with digital content delivery let today’s global enterprise attain new levels of immediacy, security, reach, control, and cost savings.

To deliver those benefits when customizing solutions with clients, the Gilmore Global digital ecosystem offers three advanced content delivery methods that can be integrated into digital delivery: our Content Experience Platform, our Digital Books Platform, and our Adaptive Learning Platform.

A robust and flexible Content Experience Platform

To accommodate the changing needs of learners, our state-of-the-art Content Experience Platform is a nimble, easy-to-use system that makes materials in a wide range of formats easily accessible (e.g., video, SCORM, PDF, audio, MS Office documents). The platform empowers you to:

  • Enable content access via authorized third-party online locations
  • Add interactive functionality includes quizzes, assessments, and video-based coaching
  • Offer free or paid subscription-based access

A reliable and highly accessible Digital Books Platform

Extremely secure and feature-rich, our Digital Book Platform is served via cloud services and used predominantly by learning organizations moving away from printed content. Costs associated with digital book content are typically 30% to 50% less than those associated with print.

  • Enable access content via desktop computer, concurrent browser session, or by mobile apps supported by IOS and Android
  • Give learners have the ability to make notes and highlights in the material
  • Incorporate rich media (e.g., video, audio, quizzing, and assessments) in a platform that meets North American accessibility standards

An advanced and intuitive Adaptive Learning Platform

Powered with most sophisticated learning technology in the marketplace, our Adaptive Learning Platform improves learning outcomes by making process more meaningful and reducing the required “in training” time.

  • As individual learners engage with content, adaptive learning algorithms evolve moment-by-moment, closely mimicking real-world cognitive situations and providing an effective and engaging experience.
  • By replicating one-to-one interaction in a digital environment, the Adaptive Learning Platform increases both efficiency and engagement by taking into consideration what each learner has already mastered.

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