The best supply chains have the fewest links

What if your supply chain consisted of just two entities: you and your supplier?

Gilmore Global makes this cost-savings scenario a reality for our hospitality clients, with a single e-commerce environment for learning content and onboarding content, marketing material, as well as operational items such as door hangers, notepads, pens, stationery, and much more. Our robust platform can be set up to complete transactions with corporate headquarters or directly with the franchise locations.

This “one-stop shop” approach can make a great impact in an industry where margins are narrowing and labour costs are growing. We drive efficiencies across the entire supply chain by drastically shortening the chain. Our all-in-one services can cost-effectively support the end-user with content from the head office pertaining to marketing, point-of-sale merchandising, direct mail campaigns, and employee training.

Gilmore Global advantages for hospitality sector

  • Any format, one platform 
    Our flexible delivery platform lets you offer content in print or in DRM protected digital form. And as your delivery methods evolve, our tools and systems can be easily aligned to optimize the process.
  • Cross-department support
    We effectively consult with and support your marketing department, training department, and technical content development process by managing access to content according to customer group.
  • Global print production
    Our ability to print in key geographies worldwide results in lower cross-border and other shipping costs, faster time to market (with direct-to-consumer capacity), and simplified operations.

How do our solutions fit your specific needs?

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